Yoga Anatomy 101: Alignment, Adjustments and Injury Prevention


Yoga Anatomy 101: Alignment, Adjustments and Injury Prevention


Saturday May 4th 1:00pm - 3:30pm
Serasana Bee Cave, TX

Deepen your understanding and experience of anatomy, alignment and injury prevention in your yoga practice. You will be guided through key anatomical principles to see how all parts of the body are deeply connected and effect each other, as well as our energy, moods and emotions. 

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have experienced pain, discomfort or confusion in how to find your alignment in a yoga posture

  • You feel pretty confident in your alignment, but still have a lot of questions

  • You deal with chronic stress or pain from work or daily routines

  • You’ve heard a teacher give an anatomical cue and had no idea what they were talking about

  • You have a hard time *feeling* certain postures and can’t quite tell what you’re missing

  • You want to be able to develop a simple home yoga practice where you can release the tensions that build up throughout the day and prevent injuries

  • You have a problem area in your yoga practice like tightness in hip openers or you feel weak in chaturanga and want to learn the safest way to work with those poses

In this workshop you will: 

  • Learn the essential anatomical principles and movements of the body and how to apply them immediately to every yoga posture you practice moving forward

  • Learn about fascia; the deep connective tissue that connects every part of your body, how it degenerates and how you can keep it functioning at its best in your yoga practice

  • Learn proven practices and techniques to increase strength, flexibility and balance to continue to progress your practice for years to come, though some of the techniques can show significant results within minutes

  • Learn the most common injuries for all areas of the body, how to manage them and how to prevent them

  • Learn the process of developing new neural pathways that allow muscles to release tension, what causes muscles to hold tension 

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