Gentle Yoga for Balance and Brain Health

My name is Jeremy Devens and welcome back to the Quietmind Yoga Podcast.

This is a gentle Hatha Yoga class suitable for all levels. As always, we’ll do a little bit of everything, with an emphasis on movements that require balance and coordination. Anytime you do movements that cross the midline you are activating the corpus callosum, which regulates communication between left and right hemispheres of the brain. This is important for preventative care for long term brain health issues like dimentia or Alzheimer’s disease. This and future gentle Hatha classes are meant to be therapeutic and a time for your body to rest, restore and recover, with just enough challenge to keep things interesting. This particular class was taught to a group of mostly older students, including a relatively new student, so this class would be a great introduction to someone with lots of life experience, but little yoga experience. Also, not a bad idea for someone who loves to have a drink or two or three or four on occasion. Prop recommended: 1 blanket.