Welcome to the Quietmind Yoga Podcast

I created this podcast so you could practice full length yoga classes anytime, anywhere, without having to find a class, figure what to practice, or even look at a device while you practice. This helps you develop a consistent practice of listening to your body, mind and breath and trusting yourself; among the most powerful skills that yoga can teach you.

What you will hear are the live recordings of classes I teach. I’ll instruct in such a way that you can follow along without needing to see anything. This helps keeps your focus on your own experience internally and less needing to look outside yourself. Even if you’re not sure about a posture, do what feels right for you.

Each class will have a specific focus, but will also be a well rounded, full body practice. The classes are all levels and will say the style in the title. The classes will rotate between Vinyasa, Hatha, Gentle and Yin classes. All classes will include options for beginners and often include options for advanced practitioners. 

If you have requests you’d like to see here, email them to jeremydevens@gmail.com

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Thanks for listening and enjoy your practice!