1-1 Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology (Seasonal Alignment)


1-1 Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology (Seasonal Alignment)

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Yoga postures teach us physical alignment in our bodies.
Meditation teaches us alignment in our minds and hearts.
Ayurveda teaches us to align with the cycles and seasons of nature.
Astrology teaches us to align with our Dharma (purpose) and Atman (true self)
Put all of this together and you have a 1-1 Seasonal Alignment session.

We will address your unique strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities using ALL aspects of yoga as traditionally taught, as needed:

  • Asana

  • Meditation

  • Mantra

  • Mudra (Hand Positions)

  • Pranayama

  • Dinacharya (Daily Routine)

  • Abhyanga (Self Massage)

  • Lifestyle choices

An important goal of Ayurveda is to identify your unique prakriti – ideal state of balance, determine patterns of imbalance (vikriti), and offer interventions using suitable diet, herbs, aromatherapy, cleansing and detoxification practices, music, yoga and meditation to reestablish inner balance and harmony.

During your Ayurvedic consultation, we will address your health concerns from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective. Integrating the theoretical frameworks of Ayurveda and modern science, your session will focus as much on you as a unique individual who is facing a health challenge as on the health challenge itself.

During a typical evaluation we will take a complete medical and lifestyle history and performs a physical evaluation that looks at your body both as a physical system as well as a field of intelligence — reflecting the needs and choices of your life.

Based upon this assessment, a personalized body/mind/spirit health-enhancing prescription is formulated. This will include recommendations for diet, stress management, exercise, emotional healing, nutritional and herbal supplements.

I come to you, at your convenience. How long we work together is up to you, either way I am committed to you getting as much support, guidance and clarity in the transitions and transformations of your life as possible, using the teachings of yoga, Ayurveda and astrology to support you. We can work together for a single session, a whole season, or a whole year.

  • 1 Session (60 min) $80

  • 1 Season (3 months of weekly sessions) $800

  • 1 Year (12 months of weekly sessions) $2800

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