First; I always begin classes with a check in, asking how you are feeling and if you have any requests. This is keeping with the tradition of yoga to personalize the practice to your needs.

Second; I always teach to what is happening in nature, as this is effecting all of us. This is in keeping with the tradition of Ayurveda. A class on a rainy spring day will be different than a class on a hot and dry summer day.

Third; I will always give options for all levels. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned teacher, we all benefit from awakening the somatic intelligence of the body. For beginners my cues will be more overt. For experienced practitioners, expect more subtle nuanced instruction. Options for props, variations and modifications are given often.

Lastly; All asana based classes end with Savasana (corpse pose). I follow the guideline of B.K.S. Iyenger to have 1 minute of Savasana for every 10 minutes of practice. I find this to be most therapeutic and grounding way to end a practice.


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Totally new? Start with Gentle, Meditation or Yin.
Experienced? Try Hatha, Flow or Power.

All modern yoga classes stem from Hatha Yoga. The word Hatha means “Sun - Moon.” In Chinese Medicine this is the same as “Yin” and “Yang.” In all classes I am emphasizing either the Sun (active, engagement, vigorous) aspects or the Moon (resting, stillness, releasing) aspects. All classes will include a balance of the two, with the Power, Flow and Hatha classes emphasizing more Yang aspects of the practice, and Yin, Gentle and Meditation classes emphasizing more Yin aspects of the practice.

FLOW: A non-heated class with a focus on alignment, breath and body awareness. Merging postures and breath - your body will generate heat from within through steady and continuous movements. Some experience recommended.

GENTLE: A synergy of breath, stretching and relaxation. This class is perfect for beginners and/or those who prefer a gentle meditative class. Students will find their bodies strengthening and lengthening with more confidence and proper alignment in their practice. Each class begins with centering and ends with relaxation. All levels welcome.

HATHA: This alignment based class teaches the fundamentals of yoga with modifications to ensure it is proper for your unique body. Included in the class are balance poses, twists, standing strength poses and more.  Each class begins with centering and ends with relaxation. Some experience recommended.

MEDITATION: Meditation supports you in cultivating a deeper sense of calm, inner peace, joy, ease and mental awareness. Each 30-minute class begins with centering, followed by a guided meditation that is sure to leave you feeling relaxed, at ease and able to more peacefully embrace your day. This class is conducted in a peaceful atmosphere guided by one of our experienced meditation teachers. All levels welcome.

POWER: Power Yoga is a flow yoga class practiced in a heated room to help reduce tension and inflammation. This class has an emphasis on strengthening postures like side plank, crow pose, warrior 3 and inversions. This active, heating emphasis allows the mind to become catered, present and calm. 6 months or more of experience recommended.

YIN: Want to stay on the floor for 60 minutes? This class is for you. We hold postures 1 to 5 minutes. No standing postures. All poses are on the ground. Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments and joints.  These areas of the body do not receive as much blood flow as the muscles and take much longer to lengthen and restore.  Increase flexibility, re-lubricate the joints, reduce pain and calm the mind. All levels welcome.