Gentle Hatha Yoga for Everything - 1 Blanket [Quietmind Yoga Podcast S3E5]

A Well Rounded Practice

Sometimes you just want a full, well rounded practice with a little bit of everything. Maybe you don’t have any particular tensions but just want to have a solid practice of mindfulness, strength, flexibility and balance. That’s what today’s class is all about.

We’ll use a yoga blanket to soften the pressure on your knees when you’re in hand and knees on the mat. This is important and easy to overlook, but knee injuries are among the most common issues I see in people who have practiced for 10+ years. You can use any throw blanket you have on hand, or go to Amazon to order the blanket i recommend.

We’ll use beginner friendly yoga poses to develop strength, flexibility and balance in all ares of thebody: the hamstrings, quads, glutes, hips, core, lower back, shoulders, arms and neck.


Balance Expansion and Contraction

Energetically; we’ll balance expansion and contraction — moving from very open, expansive poses like Supta Badha Konasana (supine bound angle) — to contracting

Throughout your day, even sitting at a desk, or standing in line, you can apply this; If you feel you need an energy boost, you can embody more expansive postures like backbends and side bends. If you feel overextended or burnt out you can embody more contracted postures like forward folds and twists.

This time of year we can have a lot of enthusiasm about new intentions, so it’s important to temper that by knowing there will be expansion and there will be contraction. Just like your breath, your heartbeat and all things in nature. This practice helps us learn to embody both qualities when need needed.

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Thanks for listening!
Jeremy Devens, E-RYT