Quietmind Yoga Episode 4: Vinyasa Yoga Class for the Whole Body to Prevent Disease

I'm Jeremy Devens and welcome back to the Quietmind Yoga Podcast.

Have you ever noticed how sickness can start days or even weeks before you actually get sick? Your nervous system starts to feel frazzled, maybe your routine gets thrown off, maybe you have digestive issues. These symptoms can all be caught well before they become a bigger issue. The breath is a great way to notice these issues and address them before they become illness. This is because breath is a carrier for Prana (life force). We can go weeks without prana from food, days without water, but only minutes without the breath.

This yoga class is an all levels hatha flow focused on the breath. It’s a whole body practice with strengthening and stretching poses, grounding, energizing and balancing poses. A block is recommended for the balancing poses and triangle pose, but not required. ——- if you enjoy this podcast leave an honest review. If you have questions email JeremyDevens@gmail.com. To see my full schedule including classes, workshops and retreats, visit http://www.quietmind.yoga

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